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Puppy Details $50 Per Puppy, includes membership for all owners

Please enter the details of each puppy you would like to register into the box to the left. Puppies you add, will be displayed here.

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Declaration To Be Signed By The Breeders / Owners

  1. I/We the Breeder(s)/Owner(s) of the above bitch/dog hereby solemnly and sincerely declare, that the above particulars are true and correct and all dogs I/We wish to register are included in this application and I/We accept that any willful or deliberate act to falsify the content of this application renders me/us liable topunishment for making a false declaration punishable as for willful and corrupt perjury.

  2. I/We agree to become bound by the Constitution, Rules, Codes of Ethics/Practices and Regulations of BAI

Registration Information


  • Breeders registered with BAI should register their litters/pups not later than 16 weeks of age. A late fee of $25 PER PUP will apply if the registration is sent after 16 weeks.
  • The cost of registering a pup is $50.00 per pup. The $50 includes membership to BAI for the new puppy owner. If the new owner already is a member of BAI complimentary membership WILL still apply. Please note that payment must be received at the time of lodgement of the litter registration.
  • All registration papers are sent out via electronic mail/email. If you prefer you or your buyers be issued with a postal copy, you must indicate on the registration form.

Types of Registration

  • Pet Only/NTA (P) This means PET ONLY - NOT TO BE APPRAISED. These pups are added to BAI pedigree database as pet only/NTA. If the owner/breeder wish the pet only to be appraised at a later date, it can be upgraded to Limited. Requests for Upgrading will only be accepted by the Breeder, and must be submitted before a dog will be accepted for Appraisal.
  • Limited/Hold (LH) Limited registration allows this tier of dog to attend a BAI appraisal. Dogs can be appraised from the age of 12 months. Once successfully appraised, an upgrade to Open registration will be issued only at the breeder's request. Note; Holding the upgrade to open examples may include (but is not limited to), buyer/seller agreements, contracts and/or outstanding monies. Unappraised parents of an appraised dog will remain on hold until both parents have been appraised.
  • Limited/Auto (LA) This tier is the same as above, but upon successful appraisal, qualifies the dog be upgraded to Open automatically. Note; examples may include (but are not limited to) agreements and/or contracts not in place and/or co-ownership of the the dog.
  • Unlimited/Open (O) Is for dogs being sold outright, with no breeder contracts or outstanding monies/agreements. This tier of registration places the dog on an Unlimited register and they will automatically be listed as Open, upon passing an appraisal.

It is not the responsibility of BAI to ensure monies, health reports etc, from either breeder or owner have been collected at the time of appraisal or pre/post appraisal. This is the responsibility of the breeder. It is the responsibility of the breeder to ensure all contracts and requirements have been met.

Change of Ownership and Deceased Dogs

  • If at any time the dog’s ownership changes the club has an Application for Transfer that can be found on the website Breeders may send a notification in writing also to [email protected]
  • It is the responsibility of the Breeder and/or owner to advise BAI of the death of any Registered dog, but is not mandatory to do so.

Buyer/Seller Contracts
Boerboel Australia Inc. has a Buyer/Seller Contract/template available as a resource to our breeders and puppy buyers. This is not mandatory. And is available from the secretary on request.

All registration papers will be sent via electronic email, unless mailed copy/copies have been requested by ticking the box on the registration form. The type of registration will be clearly marked on each dogs paperwork.